On Demand Training

February 2014
25Lattice Tower Design: Overview and New TrendsWebcastPurchase
27Full Scale Lattice Tower TestingWebcastPurchase
May 2014
22New EPA Fracking RulesWebcastPurchase
29The Future of Small Modular Reactors: A 2014 UpdateWebcastPurchase
October 2014
28Best Practices in Pole Plant ManagementWebcastPurchase
November 2014
18Laminated Wood PolesWebcastPurchase
December 2014
3Lifecycle of Crude Oil: From Wellhead to RefineryWebcastPurchase
9Structural Analysis of Existing Lattice TowersWebcastPurchase
10Understanding Tank Car Safety: Addressing Accidents, Non-Accident Releases, & Transloading ConsiderationsWebcastPurchase
11Lessons Learned from Utilities that are in the CloudWebcastPurchase
12Micro-Synchrophasors for Distribution Network MonitoringWebcastPurchase
16Residential Demand Charges: An Emerging Opportunity in Rate DesignWebcastPurchase
January 2015
16Biomass Growth Potential in the U.S -- Why the Future Looks BrightWebcastPurchase
20Biomass Fuel Source Markets -- Domestic and Foreign WebcastPurchase
222015 Oil & Gas OutlookWebcastPurchase
26Biomass Feasibility and Project Development Assessment WebcastPurchase
February 2015
11Hot Topics in Oil and Gas Indemnity, Defense and Insurance ProvisionsWebcastPurchase
26Protocols for an Internal Audit Program in the Oil & Gas IndustryWebcastPurchase
March 2015
10Introduction to Crisis Management for Oil & Gas CompaniesWebcastPurchase
19Produced Water Regulations & Proper DisposalWebcastPurchase
26EPA NSPS Updates for Oil & Gas - Session 1WebcastPurchase
26Avoiding Intellectual Property Pitfalls in the Oil and Gas IndustryWebcastPurchase
April 2015
1COGCCs Enforcement & Penalty RulemakingWebcastPurchase
2EPA NSPS Updates for Oil & Gas - Session 2WebcastPurchase
9EPA NSPS Updates for Oil & Gas - Session 3WebcastPurchase
16Control Room Management: Guidance for and Lessons Learned from Developing and Implementing a Workable Program WebcastPurchase
22Creating Effective Job Transition Guides: Facilitating Knowledge TransferWebcastPurchase
23Texas Oil and Gas Regulation Update: Allocation WellsWebcastPurchase
28T&D Photogrammetric Mapping with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)WebcastPurchase
May 2015
6Migratory Bird Treaty Act for Oil & Gas CompaniesWebcastPurchase
June 2015
4Nuclear Export Controls: Complying with the Amended Part 810 RegulationsWebcastPurchase
23(In)Conduit Hydro-Electric GenerationWebcastPurchase
July 2015
8Historic Preservation Act - Section 106: Obtaining Permits for ProjectsWebcastPurchase
21Energy Reform in Mexico: Overview, Challenges & OpportunitiesWebcastPurchase
23316(b) Compliance UpdatesWebcastPurchase
30Airport Solar Development: Weighing the Financial BenefitsWebcastPurchase
August 2015
26Clean Water Act: New Rule defining ?Waters of the United States?WebcastPurchase
November 2015
3The Basics of Collections & Bankruptcy in the Oil & Gas IndustryWebcastPurchase
10Bulk Power System Risk Management for High Impact, Low Frequency Disaster EventsWebcastPurchase
18Solar Access and Transmission RightsWebcastPurchase
19Managing Construction Risks with Insurance and Construction Surety BondsWebcastPurchase
December 2015
2Federal Eagle Act ComplianceWebcastPurchase
16Oil Pipeline Ratemaking MethodologiesWebcastPurchase
March 2016
23Mitigating Copper Theft: One Utility?s Success Story WebcastPurchase
May 2016
25Preservative-Treated Wood Utility Poles and Disposal AlternativesWebcastPurchase
June 2016
15Solar + Storage Tax CreditsWebcastPurchase
July 2016
19Fundamentals of Guying and Anchoring Distribution LinesWebcastPurchase
August 2016
10Hydropower Aging Assets: Maintenance & Upgrade DecisionsWebcastPurchase
30Getting the Most Out of Water Plant FiltersWebcastPurchase
October 2016
20Electric Vehicles and Vehicle to Grid TechnologyWebcastPurchase
November 2016
30The Cannabis Industry's Energy ChallengeWebcastPurchase
April 2017
4The Promise and Challenge of Electric Vehicles from the Utility PerspectiveWebcastPurchase
May 2017
2Data Centers and Power ConsumptionWebcastPurchase
June 2017
6Changing Dynamics in Power GenerationWebcastPurchase
July 2017
25Introduction to Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR)WebcastPurchase
27Extracting Energy from Municipal Wastewater Treatment PlantsWebcastPurchase
September 2017
13FERC Civil Penalties for Market ManipulationWebcastPurchase
14Basics of the Reserves ReportWebcastPurchase
20Natural Infrastructure for Resilient CommunitiesWebcastPurchase
November 2017
2Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD)WebcastPurchase
10Improving Road Safety with Pervious PavementsWebcastPurchase
30The Blockchain Technology RevolutionWebcastPurchase
January 2018
16Introduction to Bridge Design for Non-EngineersWebcastPurchase
18Tax Act and Its Consequences for Renewable Energy ProjectsWebcastPurchase
June 2018
5Blockchain Technology Fundamentals: Energy Industry Applications WebcastPurchase

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