About EUCI

Our Company

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Who are we

EUCI is a family owned and operated company based out of Denver, Colorado.  Founded in 1987 by a husband and wife team, partnering their backgrounds in engineering and education, the company has since grown into an international organization delivering courses and conferences in a variety of different industries.

We are built on the simple principle that people work best when they are able to share ideas openly and engage directly with other professionals facing the same challenges. Since its origin, EUCI has maintained a business philosophy of content excellence. Our commitment is to stay true to the power of collaboration and inspire creative solutions through a concentrated and interactive learning environment.

What we do

EUCI is an accredited corporation that designs focused conferences and training courses for practicing professionals in the energy field as well as other industries. Our model is simple, we offer educational events which excel at collaboration, innovation, and partnership—it’s what has defined the EUCI way for over 35 years. We feature over 250 events each year that cover a comprehensive list of topics in the electric, oil, gas, water, and wastewater industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to move the industry forward through information exchange between forward-thinking peers. We seek to provide an objective, independent, and diverse perspective on new and emerging practices from across the various fields that we cover. Our goal is to keep professionals up-to-date and equipped to do their best work through learning the industry’s best practices, current trends, and innovative solutions.