Oil and Natural Gas Industry Overview

The oil and natural gas industry is one of the most dynamic there is. EUCI gathers experts from across the industry and brings you concise and timely training.

Courses cover the full range of topics – from non-technical, tutorial-style introductions that orient attendees on fundamental industry concepts to in-depth, quite granular treatments of highly technical and complex industry measures.

Conferences attract varying perspectives on cutting edge policy and process issues that highlight how the industry is grappling and evolving with the inventions and integration of new technologies, as well as the greener initiatives being implemented to lessen any environmental impact.

In-house, tailored events empower industry organizations to bring experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) addressing pre-arranged topics and related nuances to meet staff requirements and further organizational objectives.



The oil & gas industry processes more than 100 million barrels of crude oil and over 350 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day worldwide. The upstream portion of the sector initiates the process. The upstream sector has two main components: exploration & production and oil-field services and equipment. EUCI provides content designed for integrated oil companies, independent E&P companies, and diversified oil-field service companies.




The midstream sector provides an integral connection between the upstream and downstream sectors. In North America, the midstream sector is changing dramatically and is a highly regulated segment. EUCI develops courses and conferences that focus on transportation, shipping, pipeline, contracts and trading of crude oil and natural gas, as well as forward trends.




If it’s a fuel purchased at the retail counter, the product is almost certainly considered part of the downstream oil & gas pipeline. EUCI devotes appropriate attention to this consumer-facing dimension of the energy industry — that flows from the final production phase through to the point of sale — which consists largely of refiners of petroleum crude oil and natural gas processors that deliver usable products to end users and consumers. Multiple EUCI events chart the dynamic issues confronting the diversified businesses that populate the highly-regulated downstream oil & gas sector. Our instructors are more than subject matter experts – we give attendees the opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners with real-word insight.


Gas Powered Generation


The current energy landscape is complex, with the market creating increased opportunity for gas-powered generation.

Our training courses will provide understanding of the technologies needed to generate power and best practices and applications for the evolving energy market.

Featured Events


Business & Management


Behind any successful business are the people that are the beating heart of the enterprise. Accountants, HR personnel, assistants and supervisors – the planners and managers that make the business run day-to-day. EUCI recognizes the vital role of these essential employees and caters a wide range of courses and conferences for their benefit; from leadership seminars to diversity and introductory accounting, we are dedicated to helping all employees reach their full potential.




Companies in the oil and gas sector must stay current with the latest technology upgrades and developments for optimum profitability. EUCI provides essential knowledge to keep you up-to-date with technological advancements, as well as best practices and procedures. Our instructors not only share the latest innovations – they go a step further with real-world knowledge about the issues and emerging trends shaping the transformation of oil and gas today and for the future.


Introductory Courses


A concept is not fully understood until it is personally experienced.  EUCI is committed to infusing its business courses and conferences with experts who have an operational knowledge of their subject matter and are skilled in forming that wisdom into digestible terms.  In fact, many of EUCI’s longest running and most widely attended programs are our proven fundamental courses.