Electrical Power Industry

Leadership Overview

For more than thirty years EUCI has been providing industry training and coverage, following the changing industry landscape “in real-time” and delivering a foundation of knowledge for those 1) working in, 2) dealing with, or 3) having proprietary interest in the electric utility industry. That commitment to keeping power professionals abreast of the times and issues continues to characterize the multiple platforms by which EUCI disseminates important, contemporary industry content.

Courses cover the full range of topics – from non-technical, tutorial-style introductions that orient attendees on fundamental industry concepts to in-depth, quite granular treatments of highly technical and complex industry measures.

Conferences attract varying perspectives on cutting edge policy and process issues that highlight how the industry is grappling and evolving with the inventions and integrations of new technologies, as well as the greener initiatives being implemented to lessen any environmental impact.

In-house, tailored events empower industry organizations to bring experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) addressing pre-arranged topics and related nuances to meet staff requirements and further organizational objectives.

Offering a Variety of Meeting Formats

"EUCI's Leadership Conference for Women in Energy re-energized my connection to the leaders in my field."

Senior Specialist, National Grid

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Leadership and Career Growth

What makes a good leader? The qualities that are understood to make a good leader have shifted numerous times over the years and will continue to do so as people and society grow and progress. At EUCI we believe the journey of growth and advancement never truly ends for good leaders. We provide up-to-date and on-going training for the best leaders in the industry.

We have extensive experience designing and implementing conferences and courses that provide insight into key energy trends and skills for personal and professional development. Our programs are impactful and inclusive – featuring keynote addresses from top industry leaders, panel sessions, interactive group discussions, and a plenitude of networking opportunities.

Today’s leaders must continually be prepared in our changing environment. EUCI’s leadership events equip you with the tools necessary to utilize new developments and trends in the industry to advance business goals and your career. You’ll come away from EUCI’s leadership events with practical tips to develop strategies and vision to accelerate positive organizational change and personal growth.

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