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“An engaging…influential…and motivating seminar that lights your engine and encourages women to push the envelope, jump in knees deep and dare to make a difference!”

Senior Project Manager Henkels & McCoy

"A very encouraging, insightful environment for women to grow our gender, in industry."

Sr. Manager, Emerging Technology Exelon

“A genuine discussion about work and life integration was one of the most important topics that never gets addressed. It was refreshing to hear the panelists sharing of stories and perspectives.”

AVP, Sales Operations Itron

“This conference was amazing! It provides women with the opportunity to learn that the challenges in male-dominated industries or environments can be successfully managed especially if we support each other. I will highly recommend this conference to my colleagues!!”

Senior Program Manager Tennessee Valley Authority

“It was really interesting to see how the bigger utilities plan put the system back together, we took a lot away from it for our smaller organization.”

Superintendent Utilities District of Western Indiana

“Overall, very good! Lots of new ideas and information to think about and work from.”

Senior Supervisor, Lee County Electric Cooperative

“Great conference! Lots of excellent ideas and topics. Any utility emergency preparedness leader would benefit from it.”

Project Manager, DTE Energy

“The conference was eye opening. It has good topics covered for all. No matter what stage your action plan is in, if you are just starting or just tweaking an existing plan.”

Line Supervisor, Huntsville Municipal Utilities

“As a vendor this conference helps us see where the utility industry is headed and the possible opportunities for vendors to support these utilities in the future.”

Vice President, Premier Utility Service

“This is my 3rd Storm Conference and I learn something new each time!”

Vice President, Infratech Corp

My goal was to expose my sales team to technical knowledge of the oil & gas industry, particularly the shale. My expectations were exceeded. The depth and breadth of Lisa’s knowledge is impressive, and she explains complicated subjects in an “easy to grasp” manner.

EXVP/CMO, Dynamic Industries

This course provides a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone working in or with oilfield companies. Excellent preparation for anyone new to the industry or returning to it after a long hiatus.

Risk Control Consultant, BITCO Insurance

Overall a great course and a great instructor. Will definitely recommend to other colleagues.

EHS Technician, Apache Corporation

Highly recommended for any new employees to the oil and gas industry. The presentation was clearly outlined, concisely technical, and relevant to all functions.

Director of Supply Chain & cost Control, Sanchez Oil & Gas

What an excellent course. If you ever need a crash course on basics of oilfield processes, terms, etc., this is the one.

Business Development, Dynamic Industries

EUCI’s Petroleum Refining 101 was a great refresher course after returning to the business 30 years ago. The materials, topics, and discussions renewed my fascination with oil & gas refining and bringing new solutions to my customers.

Director, Business Develoment Refining & Chemical, Valin Corporation

This is a detailed comprehensive review of how a refinery functions.

CEO CVR Partners

This training allowed me to gain a basic understanding of the refining process without having much background knowledge going in.

Staff Operations Engineer, Phillips 66

Great course for knowing the basics of power plants in general as well as combined cycle power plants. Highly recommended for professionals starting in the energy industry or that need a general overview on how power plants work.

Environmental Engineer, US EPA

Quality comprehensive overview, appropriate for all levels of expertise.

Engineer, MJ Electric

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