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Bulk Power System Risk Management for High Impact, Low Frequency Disaster Events

Event Description and Agenda:

Electric power systems are vulnerable to impacts of geomagnetic disturbances (GMD) arising from severe space weather resulting from natural phenomenon such as solar storm-induced events. Power systems are also significantly vulnerable to malicious man-made electromagnetic pulse (EMP) events. These two low probability high impact events induce extremely high magnitude currents and voltages on power system equipment with a potential to damage unprotected key electrical equipment such as transformers, generators and capacitors as well as computer work stations, and controls and communication hardware over a wide geographic area.

The objective of this webinar is to further increase awareness of the potential impact of GMD and EMP events on power systems, and provide high-level useful guidelines in the areas of vulnerability identification and measures to enhance resiliency of systems and equipment critical for system operation and restoration, as well as to understand the FERC/NERC mandatory requirements for GMDs.

Participants will learn the basics of GMD/EMP events and their impact on power system facilities; FERC and NERC requirements for GMD, steps to be taken to prepare well in advance for such events to reduce the downtime of power system facilities and minimize the restoration time following potential wide-spread blackouts resulting from such events.

  • Conventional and non-conventional natural disasters facing power systems
  • GMD and EMP phenomena
    • What are GMD and EMP phenomena? How they impact power grids?
    • What is the impact of GMD and EMP on different industries? On power system,  gas pipelines,   pipelines, refineries, other industrial plants
    • What is the impact on the power system and its components?
    • Historical events and statistics of GMD around the world
  • GMD/EMP protection guidelines to enhance resiliency
    • Resiliency enhancements of power systems in a cost effective manner to minimize power system outages
      • Strategy - Not doing anything is not an option
      • Planning - preparation and mitigation measures
      • Potential Implementation steps and measures
  • Operational measures
  • Hardening measures
  • System operation and restoration challenges
  • FERC Orders and NERC Reliability standards for GMD
  • System restoration adaptation to accommodate GMD and EMP

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