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By - Danielle Duignan

Getting the Most Out of Water Plant Filters
August 30, 2016 | Online :: 2:30 - 4:00 p.m. Eastern

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Filters in a Water Plant are the last barrier to prevent particulate and microbial contamination and they have a profound effect on the plant effluent water quality.  It is important to periodically assess the condition of the filters and optimize their operation.  This involves a comprehensive understanding of filter problems, causes, and resolution, and how to improve performance, operation, and maintenance.  Steps to evaluate and upgrade the filters and filter asset management to meet design consideration will be reviewed.  The webinar will address why filters are an important component of water treatment. Case studies at two water plants, with cost benefit of filter optimization studies, will be presented.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine various issues that can occur regarding water treatment plant filters
  2. Determine the methods of effective assessment
  3. Identify potential causes of problems
  4. Identify steps to improve filter performance
  5. Identify steps to rehabilitate filters
  6. Discuss how to select the right tools from the toolbox
  7. Discuss examples of the benefits of plant filter optimization


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  • Filter types and designs
  • Filter media analysis
  • Optimizing filter design
  • Various issues that can occur regarding water treatment plant filters
  • Methods of effective assessment
  • Identify potential causes of problems
  • Steps to improve performance
  • Steps to rehabilitate filters
  • Selecting the right tool from the toolbox
  • Examples of benefits of plants optimization
  • Filter upgrade and asset management
  • Case Studies: Cost benefit of filter optimization



Naeem Qureshi, PE, President, Progressive Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Qureshi is one of the most published authors in Minnesota. He has published numerous papers in AWWA Journals, Opflow AWWA publications, Minnesota Rural Water Today Magazine. He has regularly presented AWWA Annual Conferences; most recently at the 2016 Annual Conference in Chicago.  In addition, he has over 48 years of experience in water supply with emphasis on Water Treatment.


Yoko Nomura, Design Engineer, Progressive Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Ms. Nomura joined PCE as a project engineer after completing her graduate level study in water and wastewater treatment and modeling. She has been involved in water related projects including water & sewer rate studies and Water Distribution System model analysis. Also, she has been taking a vital role in well rehabilitations and water treatment plant and storage designs projects.


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