Introducing EUCI’s Partner Plan

EUCI is pleased to offer this discount plan to our most-valued partners. We produce over 300 focused training courses and conferences per year with the goal of keeping professionals upto date and equipped to do their best work through learning industry best practices, current trends and innovative solutions. With the EUCI Partner Plan, your organization can send people to various events with the discount applied across all registrations. This plan provides a more cost effective way to get multiple training opportunities to address your needs.

The Opportunity

  • 30% discount on regular registration for 10 minimum tickets reserved within 6-month
    time period
  • 40% discount on regular registration for 20 minimum tickets reserved within 6-month
    time period
  • You can send employees to many different events and get the discount across all
  • Discount applies to ALL virtual events, even our premier leadership events

EUCI Topics & Custom Content

EUCI offers educational events which excel at collaboration, innovation, and partnership. We feature over 300 events each year in the electric and gas sectors. We have a comprehensive list of events covering generation, transmission, distribution, financial and regulatory topics.

Here’s a small sampling of our events:

  • Electric Utilities 101
  • Fundamentals of Electricity Transmission
  • Fundamentals of Overhead Distribution
  • Electric Vehicles 101
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Fundamentals of Cyber Security for Utilities
  • DEI in the Energy Industry
  • Utility Securitization Financing Essentials
  • Natural Gas Utilities 101
  • ESG for Energy & Utility Companies
  • Best Practices in Public Engagement for Energy Projects
  • Utility Ownership of Renewable Energy Assets
  • Leadership for Women in Energy
  • Rate Design for a Carbon Free Future
  • NERC Critical Infrastructure
  • Unmanned Systems for Utilities
  • Transmission Line Design

We can also customize content and deliver subject matter experts to fill your unique training needs.

Get Partner Pricing: For full details and account set-up, Contact Anjali Schulte at [email protected] or 720-988-1242