By - Michael Drost

Residential Solar: How One Company is Helping Utilities Navigate the Distributed Energy Revolution

Black said that the recent expansion of financing options has made solar PV customers much more diverse in terms of age, income, and education levels. “That used to be true [the idea solar ownership favors the wealthy]. It certainly was true,” he said. “Financing options have made that less true,” he said. No market demonstrates this shift better than California,

By - Michael Drost

High Court Strikes Down EPA’s Mercury & Toxics Rule

This is the technical problem that EPA faced in writing the MATS (mercury and air toxics) Rule to replace the prior CAMR (Clean Air Mercury Rule) – it is simply very difficult to show a beneficial effect of reducing the amount of mercury emitted from sources in the United States when those sources are clearly dwarfed by the cumulative effects

By - Michael Drost

Tech Companies Banking on Green Data Centers

(Google’s Douglas County Data Center in Georgia) “Because energy is a large operating expense at Google, it is beneficial to power the data centers with low-cost wind power,” says Gary Demasi, Google’s Director of Operations, Data Center Energy and Location Strategy. According to Demasi, the PPAs provide Google with an opportunity to lock in lower costs as a hedge against

By - Michael Drost

What’s shaking in Oklahoma?

The U.S. Geological Survey has been no less blunt, saying that it is “very clear” that wastewater injection can cause faults to move.  The research also comes a few days after the journal Nature Communications The findings have prompted media outlets to reveal the sometimes awkward relationship between the academic community and the oil and gas industry, a reliable source

By - Michael Drost

Microgrids Take Utilities by Storm

The business opportunity of microgrid technology has not gone unnoticed by those who currently control most of the nation’s energy grid. Though 51 percent of utility executives believe microgrids will adversely affect their revenue, according to a data compiled by Accenture, many in the utilities industry see opportunity. “Rather than view microgrids as new competitors to traditional electricity distribution utilities,

By - Michael Drost

Water, Methane, and Fracking: The Truth is Out There

In 2011, scientists at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina published a seminal report suggesting that hydraulic fracturing operations in a shale formation in northeastern Pennsylvania had seriously contaminated shallow groundwater supplies with methane. That same year, the anti-fracking film Gasland, which famously depicted residents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere lighting their kitchen sinks on fire due to supposed methane contamination

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