By - Michael Drost

DOE report: U.S. energy grid needs major updates

Energize Weekly, May 6, 2015 The nation’s energy grid is old, too old, and will need some major policy and investment updates if we expect to have a secure energy future in the face of threats like cybersecurity and climate change, according to a new report by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Last month, the DOE released the first

By - Michael Drost

Winter efficiency programs saved New England ratepayers $1.5 billion: Report

Energize Weekly, April 22, 2015 Energy efficiency programs lowered New England electricity bills by 24 percent this past winter, saving the equivalent output of two large nuclear plants, according to a new report by the energy advocate group Acadia Center. The report says that investments in efficiency since 2000 helped lower demand by nearly 14 percent from January to March

By - Michael Drost

Microgrids Take Utilities by Storm

The business opportunity of microgrid technology has not gone unnoticed by those who currently control most of the nation’s energy grid. Though 51 percent of utility executives believe microgrids will adversely affect their revenue, according to a data compiled by Accenture, many in the utilities industry see opportunity. “Rather than view microgrids as new competitors to traditional electricity distribution utilities,

By - Michael Drost

Regulators say EPA carbon reduction plan could threaten reliability

Energize Weekly, April 8, 2015 State regulators and utility executives told federal officials last week that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed carbon reduction rule, or Clean Power Plan, requires too much compliance too fast and could threaten electric reliability and affordability up and down the Midwest. Regulators from Indiana, North Dakota, and Texas three states currently engaged in a

By - Michael Drost

Don’t fear the reaper: How hybrid solar and battery systems are transforming our electricity grid, and why that’s not a bad thing

By Michael Drost Solar industry advocates have been clamoring for years that improvements in photovoltaic (PV) generation and storage technology will someday make traditional power generation obsolete. Instead of plugging into the grid, they claim, customers will simply be able to drive to a local Home Depot or Leows, order and install a few solar panels and storage devices for

By - Michael Drost

Ontario Energy Storage: All of the Above Please

By Michael Drost Every now and then, industries go through a “eureka” moment when confronted with an emerging trend: the point in time when a concept previously regarded as “not quite there” suddenly becomes a key driver in that industry’s future. Once upon a time, the concept of streaming music over the internet wasn’t seen as critical to the music

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