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Will Renewable Energy Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic?

By Jennifer Bell

The question; will renewable energy survive the COVID-19 pandemic? is a valid question to ask. In the midst of all of the chaos and uncertainty that the world has found itself in during recent months, renewable energy hasn’t exactly been at the forefront of people’s minds.

An expert from Blue Sky Solar in Cherry Hill, NJ pointed out that renewable energy may not have been a topic that people have been worrying about in recent months because they were worried about whether or not they would lose their jobs and the state of the economy. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the renewable energy field was booming, but once the global pandemic hit, the field found itself at a standstill; so now, as the world is beginning to get back on its feet, people are left wondering, will renewable energy survive the COVID-19 pandemic?

Three Ways that Renewable Energy Will Come Out on Top After the Global Pandemic

Renewable energy will survive the global pandemic; and though expansion slowed, there is still a chance it could come out on top after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, here’s how.

There May Be More Job Opportunities

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world have found themselves out of a job. This unfortunate reality is leaving families desperate and breadwinners frantically looking for work. With that being said, a study done by Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimated that between now and 2050, 77 percent of investments in new power generation will be in renewables; and with more investments comes more jobs.

People are becoming more aware of the importance of renewable energy and technology, so it’s likely that people will invest their money this way in upcoming years; and therefore, there will be more jobs. In regards to the COVID-19 virus, it has been reported that 75 percent of Americans are in favor of supporting renewable energy research and business with stimulus money; which again would create more jobs for Americans that have lost theirs due to the pandemic.

People Will Be Looking to Save Money

Because people have lost their jobs, and the economy has been impacted drastically, people will be doing all that they can to save money in the next few months; and renewable energy is a great way to do just that. All forms of renewable energy allow for home, business, and landowners to save money as their electricity bills will be cut down significantly.

Electricity is extremely costly, and people will be doing all that they can to cut back on the money they are spending in the months following the global pandemic. Options such as solar panels or wind turbines are outstanding choices to help people save money when it comes to electricity. Though renewable energy is a bit costly upfront, it will be worth it in the long run, allowing renewable energy to survive the global pandemic.

People Will See and Appreciate the Temporary Decarbonization

A bittersweet benefit to the global pandemic is the decarbonization that has occurred while people are being forced to stay inside. There have been significant drops in air and water pollution as people are quarantining, allowing the environment to thrive the way that it is supposed to with the help of decarbonization.

After people have been made aware of the way that the environment has been positively impacted, it’s likely that they will want to preserve the positive impacts that the lack of human activity has caused for the environment. Renewable energy sources are an outstanding way to do just that. Using copious amounts of energy sources that are not renewable can create greenhouse gas emissions, and waste; two things that are destroying the environment daily.

As people see that they can keep the positive impact that the lack of human activity has had on the environment, they will likely be looking for ways to do that and will consider switching to renewable energy sources.

Help Renewable Energy Survive and Make the Switch Today

Renewable energy is something that is becoming increasingly more important as the years go on, so it’s important that you do research on the subject to find out which renewable energy source is right for you and your lifestyle. Similarly, if you have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still incorporate renewable energy into your life and be a part of helping this outstanding innovation survive the global pandemic.


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Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer that works with Blue Sky Solar, a solar company in Cherry Hill.  She is a dog enthusiast, blogger, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.

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