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Energy Reform in Mexico: Overview, Challenges & Opportunities

Event Description and Agenda:

In December 2013, President Enrique Pena Nieto launched the reform of Mexico's energy sector through a constitutional amendment and a set of accompanying bylaws that opened the industry to private participation and competition for Mexico's more than 10.2 billion barrels of oil and gas reserves. As part of its far-reaching hydrocarbon and electricity reforms, Mexico is reopening its largely untapped oil and natural gas reserves to foreign investors and competitors.

As a 76-year monopoly ends, Mexico is poised to revitalize its economy and bolster its energy sector. But as the country moves forward, questions remain. Will the breakup of Mexico's decades-old monopolies and the arrival of new oil, gas and power players lead to renewed growth and investment across the economy? What is the implementation strategy for this sweeping reform? What are the potential opportunities for US-based energy companies? During this webinar, ERC Comissioner Guillermo Zuņiga will answer these vital questions and more.


  • Energy Reform: An Overview
    • What is changing?
    • A timeline
    • Impetus for a change
    • Implementation strategy
  • The Impact of Reform in Mexico
    • The role of Pemex in the new landscape
    • Potential effects of bringing new industry players
    • Possible impact on midstream and downstream sectors
  • Implications for US-Based Energy Companies
    • Opportunities
    • Challenges
    • Additional considerations
  • Related Legislation: New and pending
  • Moving Forward
  • Q&A