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T&D Photogrammetric Mapping with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Event Description and Agenda:

A challenge for electric and gas/electric utility companies is to map, model, manage and maintain their distributed facilities optimally to meet customer expectations and industry compliance regulations. It's not uncommon that utilities are still relying on inaccurate paper maps, hand-drawn notes or worker recollection for vegetation mitigation, storm damage, and overloading. In this webinar, you will observe how utilizing UASs (drones) for power line, substation and well inspections for gas/electric can increase efficiency, reliability and safety when repairing and replacing utility assets, while also reducing costs and realizing ROI quickly in an investment in UAS utility mapping services.


  • Gain knowledge about the makeup and function of several popular UASs
  • Review with participants what UAV technology (airframe, sensors, autopilots) encompasses
  • Discuss ground control software and flight planning for T&D
  • Investigate image acquisition and flight monitoring, as well as image processing
  • Explore derivative datasets for T&D analysis
  • Review benefits of UAVs
  • Explore specific flight and mapping solutions for Electric and Gas/Electric Utilities
  • Expand upon FAA regulations for small UAS commercial flights