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Avoiding Intellectual Property Pitfalls in the Oil and Gas Industry

Event Description and Agenda:

Whether it involves conventional or unconventional resources, participants in the oil and gas value chain are innovating to overcome technological challenges and improve competitiveness. Constantly, more efficient methodologies or tools are being developed. The oil and gas ecosystem is ingrained with a culture of innovation which combines a spirit of entrepreneurship and a "get-it-done attitude" with the opportunity to participate in an ever-evolving energy economy. The existence of a legal framework, to govern intellectual property rights is widely recognized and appreciated in the oil and gas space. However, because the relatively non-intuitive regulatory schemes relating to creation and ownership of intellectual property rights, commercialization opportunities can easily be missed in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment built on personal relationships and fierce but friendly deal-making.

There has been a shift in attitudes towards embracing IP protection in the oil and gas industry. Historically, oil and gas companies have tended to share their experiences, including technology successes and failures. This is changing. Oil and gas companies are beginning to pay more attention to protecting and enforcing IP rights. As a result, interesting trends and issues are emerging that are relatively unique to the oil and gas industry. More thoughtful and focused strategies are being developed. Consequently, growing pains are occasionally experienced, highlighting the blind spots in IP awareness that require resolution. This webinar addresses these and other topical IP issues specific to the oil and gas industry.


  • IP Basics
    • Examples common to the oil and gas industry
    • Importance
  • Changing Attitudes Towards IP Protection in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Challenges in Shifting an Organization Towards an IP-Mindful Culture
  • IP Vehicle of Choice:
    • Patents
    • Trade secrets
    • Defensive publication
  • IP Strategies:
    • Service companies
    • Producers
  • IP Strategies: Dealing With Third Parties
    • Joint ventures
    • Collaborators
    • Service providers
    • Universities
  • IP Pitfalls in the Oil and Gas Industry: Case Study
  • Patent Drafting Strategies
  • Q&A