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Produced Water Regulations & Proper Disposal

Event Description and Agenda:

This webinar will present the overview and details of the current practices and changes with the disposal methods of oilfield waste water (also called produced water). Our instructor will touch on important points including: permitting and regulations regarding produced water, proper disposal techniques, disposal and reuse options, and safe practices. In addition, the instructor will discuss how produced water reuse can benefit the oil and gas and other industries - now and in the future. Not only is this webinar beneficial for those in the industry interested in the current challenges of this topic in light of ongoing changes, but also for those who are looking to tap into the resource for the first time.

  • Produced water: Quality and quantity
  • Typical methods of disposal
  • Issues with methods of disposal
    • Injection: "recycling" water through the reservoir
    • No Injection: subsidence and reservoir depressurization
  • Oilfield reuse of produced water
    • Steam injection
    • Water flood
  • Water treatment for steam and water flood
    • Filtering and softening
    • Total Dissolved Solids removal
  • Produced water is also used for
    • Drilling muds
    • Mixing with fresh water for hydraulic fracturing base water
  • Developing uses
    • Treatment and delivery to irrigation / agriculture
    • Rigorous treatment and aquifer recharge
    • Rigorous treatment and discharge into surface water bodies
  • Permits for injection (disposal, water flood, steam flood and cyclic steam)
    • Water quality and treatment for each technique
    • DOGGR permits requirements and issues
    • Recent Changes to the DOGGR permitting
  • Regulations influencing permits and treatment
  • Need support of agencies to permit other uses and alternatives
  • Permits for other uses
  • Environmental constraints
  • Real vs. perceived environmental risks
  • Treatment costs
  • Oil price influences on the water disposal methods
  • Toxicity and hazardous classifications of produced water components
  • Safety practices
  • Long term outlook on oilfield water disposal
  • Q & A