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Biomass Fuel Source Markets -- Domestic and Foreign

Event Description and Agenda:

Biomass power is showing greater promise as a growing part of the international supply mix based on several drivers: strong government incentives for renewables in the power industry, more strenuous emissions and environmental regulations, technical innovations and enhancements. This webinar series will feature expert assessments of domestic growth trends and export opportunities for biomass power in the U.S. and global market.

The first webinar will identify growth drivers for U.S. biomass generation. Although the U.S. biomass energy industry hit a lull due to inexpensive natural gas prices and lack of government incentives, recent stricter government regulation for carbon triggers greater potential for domestic biomass industry growth. This discussion will present an overview of relevant and changing regulation favoring biomass, biomass power-plant case studies, co-firing and conversions, and issues affecting the feasibility of biomass conversions.

The second webinar will examine the various fuel sources traditional, torrefied, and steam exploded pellets -- within the context of the global market and export opportunities. Each fuel source will be analyzed and compared to the others with regard to future market potential, thermal efficiency, and transport feasibility. An overview on the global supply chain, market dynamics and opportunities will also be discussed.

The third webinar will review biomass development applications (municipal, industrial, and rural), technologies and cost/benefit analyses. It will also provide an overview on how to get started for biomass project developing, feasibility assessment, and budgeting.

Individuals can register for a single, multiple or all three webinars.

  • Overview of Fuel Types/Feedstock
    • Traditional pellets
    • Torrefied pellets
    • Steam exploded pellets
  • Product Variables
    • Availability
    • Transportation
    • Long-term reliability
    • Pricing relative to other fuel sources
  • Market Dynamics
    • Supply chain
    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Canada/U.S.
  • US Export Market - Trends and Opportunities
    • Torrefied pellets
      • Future market potential, barriers and likely timeline
      • Similarities of torrefied pellets and coal
      • Thermal efficiency of torrefied pellets
      • Transport - densification, water resistance, and cost
    • Steam exploded pellets
      • Future market potential, barriers and likely timeline
      • Similarities of steam exploded pellets and coal
      • Thermal efficiency of steam exploded pellets
      • Transport - densification, water resistance, and cost

William Strauss, Ph.D., President, FutureMetrics

Hiroshi Morihara, Ph.D., President and CEO, HM3

Todd Tolkinen, Director of Technology Support, Zilkha Biomass Energy