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Laminated Wood Poles

Event Description and Agenda:

Laminated wood (glu-lam) poles have already been in service in the electric utility industry for over 50 years, and yet, the manufacturing processes, design considerations, installation methods, and unique benefits of glu-lam are not widely known. This seminar will cover the basic aspects of the manufacturing, design, and installation of laminated wood electric utility poles. Topics to be covered will include specific design code requirements, recommended pole orientation, analysis methods, considerations for tangent pole equivalents, unique hardware options, and basic foundation design philosophies.


Presented in cooperation with

  • Glu-lam advantages
  • Manufacturing process and materials
  • Design considerations
    • NESC Code requirements
    • Design input and analysis methods
    • Foundation options
  • Pole orientation
  • Hardware considerations
    • Configurations
  • Pole installation
    • Lifting, setting, and backfilling
    • Field-drilling and pole inspection for glu-lam