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Lifecycle of Crude Oil: From Wellhead to Refinery

Event Description and Agenda:

This web conference is a basic primer on crude oil from the wellhead to the refinery. The instructor will discuss the basic process of extracting oil from a well. Attendees will learn about the types of products that may be extracted depending upon the location of the well. Once oil is extracted, it must be transported via, truck, ship, rail, or pipeline to the refinery. After it is received at the refinery, the cracking process takes place to separate the by-products. The instructor will discuss types of crude oil transportation and detail the cracking process. A basic regulatory overview will also be covered at the end of the web conference.


  • Extraction Methods
    • Steam Injection
    • Hydraulic Fracturing ("Fracking")
    • Traditional Oil Drilling
  • Types of Extracted Oil Products
    • Bitumen (Dilbit, Railbit)
    • Sweet Crude
    • Sour Crude
    • Condensate
  • Transporting from the Well to the Refinery
    • Truck
    • Rail
    • Ship
    • Pipeline
  • Cracking Process
    • Distillation Column - What, Where, How
    • Predictable Amounts of Specific Crude Products
    • What those Products are Typically Used For
  • Brief Regulatory Overview
    • Transportation Regulations Governing the Movement of Crude Oil
    • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
    • Trending and Recent Regulatory Developments