Offshore Wind: Supply Chain & Marine Logistics

December 2, 2020


Wednesday, December 2, 2020 : Central Time

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Project Updates

The offshore wind market is experiencing exuberant growth. The University of Delaware estimates that projects in seven East Coast states involve capital costs of $70 billion and could result in 18.6 gigawatts of renewable energy. On the West Coast, proposed wind farms could create strong economic development. This session will provide an overview of market structure and the evolution of offshore wind.

Economic Benefits Potential of OSW

The Wood Mackenzie study released in August 2020 determined the U.S. Treasury stands to gain $1.7 billion by 2022 and the nation to achieve another 28 GW if federal lease auctions go forward. The report also found as much as $166 billion could be gained by 2035, along with 80,000 jobs annually. All of this would be dependent on lease auctions proceeding each year through 2022, however. In this session you’ll get a deep dive into the report and the expectations for continued growth of the offshore wind market in the U.S.

Supply Chain Opportunities

In this session, presenters will discuss the steps businesses and states must take to build the infrastructure and supply chain to deliver offshore wind projects to completion and sustain reliable operation.  Learn about layers of the supply chain and where your company could fit in.

Regional Market Development

The deployment of offshore wind projects presents a broad range of regional opportunities. States have begun implementing policies, and regional collaboration has been initiated. By partnering with others, states can take advantage of economies of scale and encourage cost-saving strategies in the build-out of offshore wind.


Offshore wind projects represent an influx of thousands of manufacturing and maintenance jobs that could transform ports and boost economic recovery. States are rushing to build infrastructure and get involved with what the offshore wind developers are planning. This session will discuss the different strategies employed to optimize investments in ports.   

Supply Chain Forum

This forum will allow experts to discuss technology and product solutions to improve the reliability, quality and safety of port logistics, transportation, construction and operations. You’ll hear about the latest technologies and the biggest challenges in offshore wind supply chain development.

Marine Logistics & Vessels

The growth of offshore wind will require major investment in maritime assets and infrastructure to install and maintain large turbines and take projects from concept to full deployment.  

Construction & Installation

This panel will provide an overview of the unique construction challenges of upcoming offshore wind projects including foundation construction, floating technology, fabrication, and more.

Review, Interactive Discussion and Q&A



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