Electric Vehicles and Vehicle to Grid Technology


With the advent of new technology and advancing capabilities of electric vehicles, it is vital for utilities to understand how EVs effect the power grid and how utilities can take advantage of this new technology. In order for utilities to benefit from the increased popularity of EVs, the industry must first understand the technology, rate structures, and regulations.

In the webinar, attendees will gain valuable knowledge regarding EV technology, charging stations, demand-side management, rate designs, and the regulatory/ technical barriers. This webinar will also discuss the concept of Vehicle to Grid and what this means for the industry, the utilities, and OEM.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the impacts of EVs on the grid
  • Review EV technology
  • Discuss rate designs and rate structures
  • Identify charging stations components
  • Discuss the concept of Vehicle to Grid
  • Review new polices and regulations regarding EVs



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Requirements for Successful Completion of Program

Participants must be logged on for the entirety of the webinar to be eligible for continuing education credit.

Instructional Methods

A Web-based PowerPoint presentation


  • Overview of Transportation Electrification
  • Overview of EV Technology
    • EV Types
    • Power Inverters for EVs
    • V1 vs V2G
    • Charging Stations (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment “EVSE”)
    • Charging Levels
    • Metering / Telemetry
  • What does Vehicle to Grid mean?
    • Industry Definition
    • Utility Perspective
    • OEM Perspective
    • Managed V1G Charging vs V2G
  • Utility’s Role in Vehicle to Grid
    • Utility Distribution Company
    • Scheduling Coordinator
    • Purchaser of the Services Under a Power Purchase Agreement (Wholesale Transaction)
    • Offer a Tariff Program (Retail Transaction)
    • As a Resource Owner
  • Demand-side Management
    • Load Management and Smoothing Net Load for Cost Reduction
    • Retail Load Management (Peak Shaving, Demand Charge Management)
    • Wholesale Market Engagement (Ancillary Services)
    • Both?
  • How Utilities can Benefit from Electric Vehicles
    • Environmental
    • Generation Resource Utilization
    • Transmission / Distribution Deferment
  • Policy on EVs
    • Public Charging
    • Rate Design
  • Regulatory and Technical Barriers
    • Lessons Learned from Current V2G pilot
    • Distributed Resource Plan Order Instituting Rulemaking
    • DERS


Chetna Nanjappa (Presenter)

Senior Project Manager, Strategic Customer Solutions / Southern California Edison

Chetna Nanjappa Leads a group of analysts that support projects that strategically partner with customers to meet their energy needs, enable customer choice by developing innovative and simple solutions, and influence policy in support of SCE’s evolving energy landscape. Prior to this, Chetna was a Senior Project Manager working with various stakeholders in public Commission proceedings to develop strategies and detailed plans for project development and implementation for Electric Vehicles.


Muir Davis (Support, Q&A)

Senior Project Manager, Strategic Customer Solutions / Southern California Edison

Muir Davis works with strategic customers facing electric challenges that require creative solutions often requiring technology, operations, and regulatory input. Prior to this he was a Senior Strategic Planning Manager in SCE’s Power Supply organization where he advanced the innovative solution for integrating demand resources into the planning and wholesale procurement processes that occurred within SCE.


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