Fundamentals of Guying and Anchoring Distribution Lines


Guys and anchors are critical to support the tension of conductors on distribution lines. The reliability of the distribution line is dependent on the proper design of these assemblies. The design of these assemblies is based on the tension of the line and 2012 National Electric Safety Code requirements for strength. In addition, the designer needs a working knowledge of the strength of guy wires and anchors. In this webinar, anchor selection will be reviewed, including holding power of the anchor in various soil classifications. The selection of guy wire and guy attachments will be addressed in terms of their holding power. The methods to determine the loading to be supported by guys and anchors at dead ends will be demonstrated. The impact of the holding power of a guy/anchor assembly due to shorten guy lead lengths will also be discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the different types of anchors and the different types of guy attachments
  • Define the holding power of anchors in different soil classifications
  • Calculate loading due to the conductor tension to be held by the guy/anchor assembly
  • Evaluate the impact of the guy lead on the strength of the guy and anchor assembly


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Requirements for Successful Completion of Program

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Instructional Methods

A Web-based PowerPoint presentation



  • Types of anchors
  • Holding power of anchors
  • Types and strength of guy wire
  • Types and strength of guy attachments
  • Tension of conductors and loading requirements
  • Calculation of horizontal pull
  • Calculation of total guy load
  • Impact of guy lead on strength


Kevin Mara, P.E., Vice President of GDS Associates, Principal Engineer of Hi-Line Engineering, a GDS Company

Mr. Mara is considered an expert in many of the facets of power distribution systems, including system planning, system operation, power system modeling and analysis, and system design. He has presented numerous seminars and webinars on distribution system related topics. He has 30 years of experience as a distribution engineer designing systems all across the United States and is a registered engineer in 21 states.



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