June 2017
27-28Fundamentals of Overhead Distribution SystemsDenver, CORegister Now
July 2017
11-12Fundamentals of Electricity TransmissionSan Diego, CARegister Now
11-12Pipelines 101 - Basic Principles of Onshore PipelinesDenver, CORegister Now
12-13Cost Estimating Methodologies for Substations and Transmission ProjectsSan Diego, CARegister Now
13-14Pipeline Construction, Operations & MaintenanceDenver, CORegister Now
17-18Introduction to Cost-of-Service Concepts and Techniques for Electric UtilitiesDenver, CORegister Now
17-18Electrical T&D Asset ManagementChicago, ILRegister Now
19-20Introduction to Rate Design for Electric UtilitiesDenver, CORegister Now
24-25Combined Cycle Power Plant FundamentalsHouston, TXRegister Now
24Introduction to the Oil & Gas IndustryHouston, TXRegister Now
25NEPA Environmental Impact Assessment with Federal/State PermitsHouston, TXRegister Now
26Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) FundamentalsHouston, TXRegister Now
26-27In-Depth Tax Planning for Renewable Energy ProjectsWashington, DCRegister Now
26Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry, Infrastructure and RegulationsHouston, TXRegister Now
26-27US-Mexico Cross-Border Pipeline DevelopmentsHouston, TXRegister Now
27Cogeneration: Considerations, Advantages, Disadvantages, and EconomicsHouston, TXRegister Now
27Natural Gas Physical & Financial MarketsHouston, TXRegister Now
August 2017
2Upstream Oil & Gas Air Quality Compliance in TexasHouston, TXRegister Now
2-3NERC Compliance FundamentalsWestchester, NYRegister Now
2-3Oil & Gas CybersecurityHouston, TXRegister Now
3-4NERC CIP: A Deeper DiveWestchester, NYRegister Now
3Air Quality Compliance and Testing for Midstream and Downstream FacilitiesHouston, TXRegister Now
7-8Utility-Scale Solar Power Plant Design FundamentalsCambridge, MARegister Now
14Introduction to the Pipeline and Waterbody Risk AssessmentHouston, TXRegister Now
14-15Oilfields 101Houston, TXRegister Now
14-15Fossil Plant Physical Security and Cyber Risk SymposiumChicago, ILRegister Now
14Midstream ContractsHouston, TXRegister Now
15-16Coal Power Plant FundamentalsDenver, CORegister Now
17Over Fire Air FundamentalsDenver, CORegister Now
21-22Operational and Financial Risk Modeling for Renewable EnergyWashington, DCRegister Now
22-23Project Portfolio ManagementChicago, ILRegister Now
22-23Resource and Portfolio Planning that Incorporates the Uncertainty Impacts of RenewablesChicago, ILRegister Now
24-25Understanding Electric UtilitiesSeattle, WARegister Now
24-25Introduction to Regional Wholesale Electricity Markets- RTOs and ISOsSeattle, WARegister Now
September 2017
11Hydropower 101Washington, DCRegister Now
11MISO Capacity Auction Mechanics, Sensitivities and Bottom-Line SignificanceCarmel, INRegister Now
12Introduction to FERC HydropowerWashington, DCRegister Now
13FERC Hydropower LicensingWashington, DCRegister Now
14Wireless Communication for Utilities 101Denver, CORegister Now
19-20Fundamentals of Project Scheduling and ControlChicago, ILRegister Now
26-27Introduction to the Local Distribution Companies: Natural Gas UtilitiesDenver, CORegister Now
27-28Forecasting Wholesale Electricity Prices: Applications and ValueDenver, CORegister Now
October 2017
2Utility Accounting 101Orange County, CARegister Now
2-3Electric Utilities 101Denver, CORegister Now
3FERC Accounting 101Orange County, CARegister Now
16-17Witness PreparationBaltimore, MDRegister Now
16-17Renewable Energy PPAsDenver, CORegister Now
16-17FCC 101 for Electric UtilitiesBaltimore, MDRegister Now
17-18NERC Compliance FundamentalsToronto, ONRegister Now
17-18Canadian Electric Utility Systems 101Toronto, CARegister Now
18-19NERC CIP: A Deeper DiveToronto, ONRegister Now
November 2017
8-9Fundamentals of Cost of Service and Rate Design for Water UtilitiesDenver, CORegister Now

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