Renewable Energy Development on Federal Lands 2014

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With America's continued march towards energy independence, an ever-increasing percentage of that total is generated by renewable energy, and much of the current and future renewable energy is to be developed on Federal Land. The Federal government continues to mandate that more of its energy come from renewable sources and it is making available more public lands for renewable energy development. State, federal and local governments offer various incentives creating multiple opportunities to profitably partner with these various agencies.

Yet, while many Federal agencies — including the Dept. of the Interior's BLM, BIA, NPS and Fish & Wildlife Service, the USDA's Forest Service and the EPA — have made efforts to streamline and fast-track permitting and projects, numerous obstacles and challenges must still be addressed. These include siting, permitting and environmental review processes of multiple agencies, interaction with and addressing concerns with NGOs, identifying and obtaining applicable incentives, issues with development and tying into infrastructure on federal lands and transmission of energy from federal land to the end user.

This conference will provide both an overview of renewable energy development of federal land and detailed sessions on specific aspects of development by bringing together government officials, companies, consulting firms and project managers who have successfully completed renewable projects, as well as NGOs and legislative representatives whose current and pending lawmaking will shape future projects. Attendees will gain detailed and specific knowledge in critical aspects of the government's role in facilitating renewable energy development, case study discussion of completed and operating renewable energy on federal land and proactive strategies for avoiding common obstacles. Finally, this conference will equip attendees with the information to more effectively pursue profitable renewable energy projects on federal lands, while minimizing delays and red tape.

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