In-Depth Tax Planning for Renewable Energy Projects

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Maximizing the benefits of tax incentives is vital in any renewable energy transaction, and whether a project "pencils out" generally turns on the efficient use of these incentives. How soon investors can get their desired return and exit the project and how much a project developer receives and when depend greatly on how the tax incentives are handled.

Of course, the relevant rules are highly technical, and this often means that investors, users, and developers - as well as less-specialized professionals - typically depend on the structuring advice of experts who often assume the "typical" business deal and then provide general guidance about deal structures, using jargon and arcane tax references. Worse, some investors, users, developers, and their advisers may "go it alone" and fail to attend to important aspects, leaving money on the table or putting their ventures at the risk of IRS attacks.

This course is designed to give investors, users, developers, and their advisers an in-depth understanding of the tax issues involved in the development and structure of renewable energy projects. The discussion will first focus on the various incentives available for renewables and then move to an in-depth discussion of the basic and more advanced tax and accounting rules for partnerships and leasing structures. We will then shift the focus to real-life case studies, using economic models designed specifically for renewable energy projects. Throughout, we'll provide definitions, references to the terms we use, and lots of examples. Finally, we will have a roundtable discussion with experienced renewable developers.

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