Understanding NESC Grounding Requirements for Electric Distribution Systems

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The National Electrical Safety Code provides methods and requirements for grounding distribution systems. Proper grounding is an important component of the safety for line workers and the public. This webinar addresses how to meet these safety goals and describes approved methods for effectively grounding the system neutral and other non-current carrying equipment. Different types of ground electrodes will be covered which will provide options for achieving a well-grounded system. The rules for grounding guys and insulating guys will be addressed including secondary guys and span guys. Equipment to be grounded will be covered along with common methods used by utilities.

Equipotential grounding will be explained for a clear understanding of it purpose. An explanation of equipotential grounding will be presented including switching platforms, pad-mounted equipment and bonding of components on the pole. The material will explain the purpose and methods for bonding on the pole. The webinar will cover the purpose of common grounding with communication systems.

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