Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)

How To Successfully Assess, Procure, Implement, And Upgrade An Outage Management Systems (OMS), Distribution Management Systems (DMS) Or A Complete ADMS

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Distribution operators face a formidable challenge in the coming years.  They need to keep the lights on while facing some unprecedented changes:

  • Increased frequency of extreme weather events
  • Heightened physical and cyber security threats
  • Aging utility infrastructure and workforce
  • Increasing penetration of distributed energy resources (DER), including distributed generation, distributed storage, demand response, and microgrids
  • Potential structural changes to the distribution business model

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GridBright is the distribution management specialists of the utility industry.  GridBright helps electric utilities improve distribution operation and reliability by implementing smart solutions for distribution management and emergency response.  For more information, visit , or contact us at [email protected]

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