Cybersecurity for Utilities

Thursday, April 24, 2014 Washington DC

6th Annual Credit & Collections for Utilities

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Calgary AB

Clean Air Act Rules Currently Affecting the Utility Sector

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 Chicago IL

In-Depth Tax Planning for Renewable Energy Projects

Monday, June 09, 2014 San Diego CA

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EUCI is a class act and respected in the industry for providing quality classes/courses with well prepared and knowledgeable instructors. - WAPA
Not even Wall Street can offer the ROI this course provides. A truly worthwhile experience. -Southern California Edison
Excellent conference; thank you. Materials and info presented are very timely and many ideas for improvement can be implemented immediately. -T.W. Phiilips Gas & Oil
Insightful! Great opportunity to talk about best practices and network.-Philadelphia Gas Works
I have attended many conferences in my 25 years, but I have come to prefer EUCI seminars over any other competing supplier. I feel I have learned the most through the quality offered by EUCI instructors/presenters. -TECO Energy
Wow! Very thorough and informative -Exelon
Targeted key issues facing the RPS emerging markets from financing projects to market development. -Conservation Services Group
In a world of information overload, a single conference with diverse subject experts helps to paint a clearer picture of that subject. -ConEd Development
“I am a new employee in the utility field with no background in electricity and utility districts. The seminar was a great overview of the history and basics of electricity generation, distribution, and regulations.” - Engineer Technician, Modesto Irrigation District
“EUCI provides conferences with very relevant information and exceptional speakers.” – Division Manager: CIS, IREA
“EUCI events are a great way to connect with top industry experts.” – Director, Gulf Coast Energy Network
“The content of their events aside – and it’s typically great – what sets EUCI apart is their ability to get you in a room with a diverse and compelling set of peers who you can learn from even between sessions.” - Public Affairs Manager, Tri-State G&T

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Date Event Location
04/22/2014Managing Compliance, Risk and Audit Challenges at Energy & Utility CompaniesOnline
04/22/2014FERC Electricity 101Pasadena, CA
04/22/2014Electric Utility Contracts for Non-LawyersPasadena, CA
04/22/2014Depreciation Fundamentals for Utilities and Energy CompaniesPasadena, CA
04/23/2014Alternative Regulation for Emerging Utility ChallengesChicago, IL
04/23/2014Introduction to Wholesale Electricity Markets: RTOs and ISOsChicago, IL
04/23/2014Witness PreparationDallas, TX
04/23/2014Is Your Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) Current?Chicago, IL
04/23/2014Fossil Fuel Power Plant FundamentalsDallas, TX
04/23/2014Electric Utility Transmission RatemakingPasadena, CA
04/23/2014Utility Aging Workforce ConferenceChicago, IL
04/23/2014FERC Compliance and EnforcementPasadena, CA
04/24/2014Introduction to Substation DesignPasadena, CA
04/24/2014Cybersecurity for UtilitiesWashington, DC
04/28/2014Midstream Oil & Gas Contracts for Non-lawyersDenver, CO
04/28/2014An In-Depth Introduction to GeophysicsDenver, CO
04/29/20146th Annual Credit & Collections for UtilitiesCalgary, AB
04/29/2014Pipeline Integrity Management: A Practical ApproachCalgary, AB
04/29/2014Upstream Permitting in ColoradoDenver, CO
04/29/2014Fossil Fuel Plant Retirement: Planning, Lessons Learned, and Site ClosureAtlanta, GA
04/30/2014Operator Qualification for PipelinesHouston, TX
Date Event Location
05/01/2014Power System Basics for Non-Engineers – CanadaToronto, ON
05/01/2014Pipeline Control Room ManagementHouston, TX
05/01/2014Upstream Project ManagementHouston, TX
05/05/2014Fundamentals of Electricity TransmissionCharlotte, NC
05/05/2014Coordinating the Gas and Electric Power InterfaceCharlotte, NC
05/06/2014Cost Estimating Methodologies for Substation and Transmission ProjectsCharlotte, NC
05/07/2014Volt/VAR OptimizationSan Jose , CA
05/08/2014Reactive Power, Voltage Stability, and ControlDenver, CO
05/08/2014Coal Power Plant FundamentalsMinneapolis, MN
05/08/2014Electric Utility BasicsMinneapolis, MN
05/08/2014Chemical Engineering for Non- EngineersDenver, CO
05/13/2014Clean Air Act Rules Currently Affecting the Utility SectorChicago, IL
05/13/2014Utility Resource Planning ConferenceChicago, IL
05/13/2014Electrical T&D Project ManagementSan Diego, CA
05/19/2014Introduction to Cost-of-Service Concepts and Techniques for Electric UtilitiesRedding, CA
05/19/2014Modeling the Value of Energy StorageAnaheim, CA
05/19/2014Renewable Energy Development on Tribal and Indian Country LandsPhoenix, AZ
05/19/2014Using Settlement Results to Provide Feedback on Effectiveness of Bidding Strategies in ISO MarketsOrlando, FL
05/19/2014FERC Natural Gas 101Houston, TX
05/19/2014Offshore ContractsNew Orleans, LA
05/19/2014Petroleum Geology for Non-GeologistsNew Orleans, LA
05/19/2014Fundamentals of Upstream OperationsHouston, TX
05/21/2014Introduction to Rate Design for Electric UtilitiesRedding, CA
05/29/2014Valuation and Acquisition of Wind and Solar ProjectsSan Francisco, CA
05/29/2014The Future of Small Modular Reactors: A 2014 UpdateOnline
Date Event Location
06/02/2014Natural Gas Measurement 101New Orleans, LA
06/03/2014Managing Market Risk for the U.S. Nuclear IndustryOnline
06/04/2014Liquid Hydrocarbon MeasurementNew Orleans, LA
06/05/2014Combined Cycle Power Plant FundamentalsChicago, IL
06/05/2014The Evolution of Electricity Markets - From Centralized To Decentralized SystemsChicago, IL
06/09/2014Fundamentals of Upstream OperationsDenver, CO
06/09/2014In-Depth Tax Planning for Renewable Energy ProjectsSan Diego, CA
06/09/2014Operator Qualification for PipelinesDenver, CO
06/10/2014Pipeline Control Room ManagementDenver, CO
06/11/2014Utility Solar Development OpportunitiesDenver, CO
06/11/2014Utility RFPs for Renewable Energy and REC ProcurementSan Diego, CA
06/11/2014Oilfield 101Denver, CO
06/11/2014Endangered Species Act & Wetlands Regulatory Compliance for Oil & Gas CompaniesDenver, CO
06/12/2014Electric Utility Contracts for Non-LawyersChattanooga, TN
06/18/2014Renewable Energy PPAsHonolulu, HI
06/18/2014An Introduction to Electric Utility Systems for Non-EngineersHonolulu, HI
06/23/2014Cost Estimating Methodologies for Substation and Transmission ProjectsPortland, OR
06/24/201412th Annual Credit & Collections: Maximizing Profits for UtilitiesNew Orleans, LA
06/24/2014An Introduction to Electric Utility Systems for Non-EngineersHouston, TX
06/24/20143rd Annual Caribbean Energy SummitSt. Michael,
06/24/2014Stray VoltagePhiladelphia, PA
06/24/2014Oil and Gas Cost Control and EstimationHouston, TX
06/25/2014Transmission Siting for Sensitive Environments: Rural and Urban LocationsPortland, OR
06/25/2014Ancillary Services Markets: Adaptations to Evolving Regulatory and Technology ChangesPhiladelphia, PA
Date Event Location
07/14/2014Hydraulic Fracturing & Well Integrity 101Denver, CO
07/16/2014Renewable Energy Development on Federal Lands 2014Denver, CO
07/22/2014Natural Gas ProcessingDenver, CO
07/28/2014Introduction to Cost-of-Service Concepts and Techniques for Electric UtilitiesChicago, IL
07/28/2014Landman A-Z: Leasing, Guidelines and Best PracticesLas Vegas, NV
07/28/2014Project Prioritization and Utility Project Portfolio ManagementDenver, CO
07/28/2014Fundamentals of the Petroleum IndustryDenver, CO
07/30/2014Advanced Landman Las Vegas, NV
07/30/2014Introduction to Rate Design for Electric UtilitiesChicago, IL
07/31/2014Downstream Industry 101Denver, CO
Date Event Location
08/04/2014International Fiscal TermsHouston, TX
08/04/2014Drilling 101Houston, TX
08/05/2014Fundamentals of Well CompletionsHouston, TX
08/06/2014Well Logging 101Houston, TX
08/21/2014Pipeline Safety Regulation: PHMSA Guidelines for Compliance & Enforcement TrendsDenver, CO
Date Event Location
09/15/2014Pipeline Safety Regulation: PHMSA Guidelines for Compliance & Enforcement TrendsHouston, TX
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